How to Survive Your Freshman Year Congratulations!

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Because if you are reading this it can only mean one thing, that you have made it to the University. Now let me prepare you for the tough part – surviving the freshman year and the years to come. This will probably be the best time of your life and you will enjoy it immensely, however here a few tips that will help you enjoy your student life even more and gain the most of it.

1. Don’t forget your mission! Now, when you are a freshman at the University, with all the interesting new people you will meet and the parties, it is easy to forget why you even came there. Do not let the party life take its toll on your ambitions. Remember you came to the University to study and eventually get the degree in the end. The friends you make and the parties you enjoy are merely a bonus. Even though, they will definitely be a huge part of your student life, but they are definitely not the most important part of your experience at the University.

2. Get organized Getting a University degree is not obligatory and the experience itself is a lot different than going to high school. While your high school teachers guided you through homework, and assignments, when you come to the University the professors will expect that you come prepared and know when the assignments are due. In order to get organized get all your studying notes in order, buy a planner, and check your schedule and due dates frequently.


3. Due dates At the University professors will put effort in devising the curriculum with assignments that will build your knowledge gradually. Respect the effort they put into making these assignments by respecting the due dates and doing your assignments on time. If your professor gives you an assignment do not just forget about it, this will ruin your chances of academic success and make you feel just awful when having to explain why you did not do it.

4. Find a place to study Finding a good place to study is essential. If you decide you simply cannot study in your dormitory or a room filled with partying roommates, maybe you should consider studying at the University library. The key is to find a quiet, cozy place that will give you the peace to concentrate and learn. If the weather is nice you may even want to read a book outside and enjoy the nature, so choose a University park or a bench next to the river bank and focus on your studying.


5. Go to lectures
Do not skip lectures because you think you don’t need them, or because you are suffering from a hangover from the party that went on last night. Maybe lectures seem boring or familiar at first, but if you don’t attend the lectures regularly you may lose track and then it will be difficultto come back.

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